Double, triple, quadruple your revenue, and spend less time doing it!

You’re super passionate about your products and your business. There are reasons, other than money, that compelled you to pour your heart and soul into this.

How do I know?

I’ve been you. The exhausted mum, raising 3 kids, juggling the school run, dinners, lunch boxes, homework, a difficult marriage, and trying to build a thriving business. It wasn’t just about money or work/life balance. It was about firmly believing that my products could change people’s lives for the better.

One of the big reasons you started this, was so you could work on your own terms, and not sacrifice income to do so.

The problem is… it feels a whole lot like it’s the other way around.

You’re more stressed, more tired, and aren’t even receiving financial compensation for it.

The problem is… it feels a whole lot like it’s the other way around.

You’re more stressed, more tired, and aren’t even receiving financial compensation for it.

Let’s be realistic here.

Unless you have some sort of background in business, marketing, sales, accounting, warehousing and logistic, and running a child-care centre all at once, you’re not going to know how to do this.

It’s crazy to think that you should.

  • You have a fantastic product you poured your heart into, but not many people find out about it because you have trouble getting sales via your website.
  • It feels like you’re running on a mouse wheel, juggling every day, and having trouble seeing a clear path ahead.
  • You slave away at your business day & night and never even pay yourself a wage.
  • Money is always tight and whatever sales you generate gets put straight back into new stock.
  • You stare at your website wondering how to get more sales, but you just honestly have no idea where to start.
  • Your family and partner may be looking on with scepticism, and you’re desperate to show them your success. Time isn’t waiting for you, and you need this happening now.
  • You may be relying on some Facebook ads to drive sales in the door, but you chew your nails to the quick because it’s risky and you can never be sure if the precious money you spend is going to bring you a return.

You see other brands run by women, gaining momentum, and growing, and you know it could be you. You know you WANT this, but you’re feeling stuck on how to actually DO IT!

That’s where I come in…

I’m your mentor, your coach, your strategist, and your cheerleader.

I’ve built my multi-million-dollar e-comm empires (yes, plural) and no longer spend 60 hours a week doing it. I’ve won awards for it. I’ve run seminars, do public speaking, and have appeared as a featured guest all over the world. My team of experts and I can tell you exactly what you need to do, when you need to do it, and how to do it as efficiently and cheaply as possible. This isn’t about telling you to spend thousands on ads, PR, and social media experts. This is about giving you the practical tools to confidently build this thing into the booming business you keep dreaming of.

It’s not only possible, it’s probable. We will also give you exclusive access to our network of industry contacts. This alone will save you money and time. They are low cost, and the best in the business at what they do.

You can keep doing what you’re doing, but you’ll get the same results.

What’s the definition of lunacy? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. One of the biggest turning points in my journey was realising that to fast-track success, I needed to find a mentor who’d walked the path in front of me. It helped me save time and money and got me to my destination much quicker.

Not only have I grown successful brands of my own, but I’ve coached literally hundreds of other businesswomen into doing the same thing


The Academy Logo with Lisa Jones

Get the exact steps to build a sales engine that consistently brings sales and customers to your door. The Academy is a results-focused program to help you build a rock-solid business foundation and give you the right tools for your website and traffic generation.

  • We show you the places your bucket might be leaking, and we help you repair them so that you have a super solid platform to grow.
  • We will teach you how to sell your products in a compelling offer, and convert your leads into lifelong customers.
  • We will help you build out your own sales funnels so that you aren’t solely relying on naughty Facebook ads to perform. You’ll have a multichannel marketing plan that works across multiple platforms, allowing you to drive sales more often, and more easily.
  • Many of our clients experience doubling and tripling of sales inside the 12-week program.

Get excited, beautiful mama, this program will transform your business - and your relationship with it!

This is NOT another online course.

97% of people who purchase an online course never complete it. Let’s be honest, you have almost no time to commit to another online course anyway. Your life is hectic enough!

Instead, this is a ‘done-with-you’ program.

We teach you the content AND we coach you to implement it inside the program timeframe. You get access to the manual and the video library, but you also get access to LIVE coaches 3 times a week. These are a combination of Q&A sessions, as well as masterclasses on specific topics.

What types of topics do we cover?

  • Shopify
  • Klaviyo
  • How to have a hot looking website that is a sales machine
  • What and how to write on social media
  • Selling in the USA
  • Writing product descriptions
  • What to include in email campaigns and how to write them
  • Understanding your website numbers
  • Leveraging collaborations for brand growth
  • Facebook ads
  • How to use Pinterest as a business
  • How to wow your customers into returning again and again

…and much more!

World Leading E-com Experts

Our coaching topics are chosen by us knowing what you need, and also responding to topic requests from the ladies inside the academy. We have a team of 9 different coaches who can support you in literally everything you might need to ask about an e-comm business. You are not alone. We live for helping our clients transform their businesses inside our program. We are here to serve you. Guess what? You don’t have to wait for a future start date. You can join right now, today. Simply sign up and get cracking on your successful future!

We will teach you everything you need to know to grow your online brand, in exact, easy to follow steps

We have a promise to you – there is not a millimetre of fluff inside this program. Our content is:

All Killer, No Filler

We’re straight shooting and tell you ONLY what you need to know.


Need proof that we know what we’re doing?

See what our current Academy students have to say:

More incredible transformations!

See what our current Academy students have to say:

Be like us:

A unicorn in a field of horses!

We stand out from the crowd of other business coaching programs in so many ways. We’re world leaders in our field, and we also give more support than any other program we’ve ever seen.

We’ll also teach you how to stand out, which comes in handy if you are in a crowded category. You might have a lot of competition, so yes, we’ll teach you how to be a unicorn in a field of horses.


The E-commerce Academy is your plan of attack to go from:

Exhaustion and the grind
Having no money to pay yourself
Feeling isolated and alone in your business


Feeling inspired and excited about your brand
Growing your sales so you can pay yourself first every single week
Being connected to a big community of other women just like you, and a bunch of amazing coaches.

Never feel alone again!

Who is The Academy for?

One of the biggest problems for women growing online brands is feeling overwhelmed.

Feeling overwhelmed looks like exhaustion and being tired of the grind. You just simply don’t know where to start. As we all do when we feel like that, you go and binge Tim-Tams and Netflix, instead of working on your brand.

We have designed everything inside The Academy to be concise and simple. We explain things you might get confused about, and suddenly the lights turn on and you understand.

We offer 3 x live calls each week, but you don’t need to attend all of them. You can come to all of them or none of them, and you can watch replays, or not. There is such a plethora of support in here. You will make your own way through it and come out the other side of the 12 weeks with a much stronger, cleaner, more profitable business.

The Academy is for:

  • Women. Most (but not all) of our clients are also mums (or grandmothers, or fur mummas). There’s a certain juggle that comes with this territory that we specialise in solving (we call it the mummy juggle struggle).
  • Our clients all sell products (not services) online. By being this specific, we can specialise in the solutions for this group of clients and nail it for them.
  • We help women who have already started an online brand, but who are struggling to scale their revenues. If sales are not easy, then you need the Academy. You might be turning over $50 a month, or $50,000 a month. The principles are the same.
  • We also support women at the idea stage, who want to nail it right from the starting line.


12 week online Academy

Join our 12 week online program, covering all 12 modules outlined on this page (plus more!). Drop the overwhelm and gain clarity.

3x Weekly Online Calls

We meet three times weekly over the 12 weeks to uncover the content you need and ask the Academy Coaches questions. If you miss a call you can watch on replay in your own time.

Video Library

Get access to our video library with over 50 training videos. Get access to our video library with bite size pieces that are recorded to help you move through specific problems! Also get access to all our replays, just in case you miss any calls!

The E-Com Bible

Get our written manual covering all these topics with the step by step guides you need to know for each module. This will become your bible!

Templates + Workbooks

Get access to templates, workbooks, spreadsheet and checklists Lisa used inside her own ecommerce businesses – just for you!


We call it the 3C’s – we give you Content and Coaching, but our community could change your business through collaborations and support. Get connected.



We will teach you everything you need to know about your website:

  • What software and plugins you should be using to sell more with less effort.
  • How to optimize your design and user experience (UX).
  • Strategies to increase your conversion rate (usually doubling it!)
  • The psychology of selling online and how to use your product as the hero in a transformational sell (and not yak on about the features and benefits!)
  • Why looking like a million-dollar brand will dramatically increase your sales (and we connect you to our team who can help you fix up your website for you!)
  • Exactly what wording to use and where on your website.
  • How to be trustworthy and why you want your customers to fall in love with your brand.


  • We are going to help you get seriously clear on who your customer is, and what they are doing right now, and what pain points they have that you can solve.
  • We are going to help you talk to them differently, to sell a LOT more.
  • We will show you how to rewrite all your copy, and what you should be saying instead.
  • Customer retention is a major strategy we focus on, it’s much cheaper to keep a customer returning than it is to keep paying for new ones.
  • You MUST wow your customer, or they will be under impressed and won’t give you amazing reviews or come back. We will share what we know about knocking the socks off customer.


  • You need both paid and free traffic, so we are going to teach you about both
  • We cover Facebook ads 101, and retargeting to warm audiences
  • We call it lean guerrilla marketing, but we will focus on all the free ways you can also drive traffic to your website
  • We deep dive into ambassadors to your brand and leveraging influencers, and how to set these up so that you win and don’t lose
  • Collaboration marketing is one of the best ways to grow a brand and drive traffic. We will share our best ideas
  • We also deep dive into leveraging awards and media/PR to grow traffic.


  • We are going to help you reposition your niche and sharpen your sales tools
  • Instead of regurgitating the same old content, we are going to teach you all about how to include user generated content (UGC) and blow your competitors out of the way!
  • We will give you hundreds of content ideas and teach you how to prepare in advance for socials (and never lose hours thinking about to post again!)
  • Our manual and mentors will help you to rewrite your “about” story to sell in a completely different way. Repurpose this new story across every channel


  • We will help you with strategies to nail Instagram, including what to post when, how, and why
  • Using Facebook groups can generate you new sales, so we will teach you how to use this to your advantage
  • Pinterest is a leveraging tool, and we have a lesson on how to use Pinterest with your brand to drive traffic
  • Harness the power of virality on Tik Tok (coming late 2021)


  • We will show you the best email platform to be on, and help you get it set up and running
  • Our team will show you the top performing email campaigns and give you tips for how to sell more using emails
  • You need to know the foundations of EDMs, and we will show you exactly what to send and when
  • Need to migrate your database over? Got too many dead leads? We will help you to clean up your email list


  • Most women have a pretty crap relationship with money, so we will help you to lean up your overheads and understand your margins
  • At the same time, we will help you to level up your attitude towards money, and your belief system around earning a lot more of it
  • We will teach you how to track your money daily and set sales targets to actually hit!
  • You MUST know which numbers to analyse inside your business, and which numbers you must be tracking. This includes your website metrics, and we provide a bunch of clever forms to help you track this
  • We will teach you about what we call “proving the concept” and how every single time you launch a new product or business you must go through this strategy. It will save you a truckload of money and heart ache – trust us!
  • Oh, and we are pretty tight ass in business and will show you loads of tricks for saving money! We call it the lean business model


  • Want to sell overseas? We can connect you up with everything you need to know to sell your products in the USA quickly and easily
  • We look at which marketplaces you need to be listed on to grow your sales horizontally
  • Wholesale and everything you need to know about getting new wholesale business in a simple and doable way
  • Want to know how to sell more online? Expand your product line into more products and increase your average order value. It works so quickly and easily
  • Want to know the safest way to grow an online brand? By including a subscription product so will share ways you can look to add this to your bottom line
  • Want to stop despatching orders from your lounge room? No problems, we will show you exactly when you to move from home to a shed to a 3PL company. And hint – you should never rent your own expensive warehouse, like ever!
  • We will also cover off topics around shipping and pricing and how to get the best deals.


  • Let us teach you how to set up a marketing funnel, including top of funnel (cold traffic), middle of funnel (warm traffic) and bottom of funnel (including retention strategies)
  • Why the most successful ecommerce brands are absolutely marketing ninjas, and how you can take tips from them
  • Our top marketing hacks for online brands
  • Why social proof is one of the most important tools you can use, and exactly how to get a lot more of it.


  • At some point you can’t run the whole shebang on your own. We will teach you what to outsource and when
  • We connect you to our entire community of e-com experts, most of them very low cost and affordable, to help you get stuff done inside your brand
  • When you are ready to expand, we will show you how to bring on team and we promise, its nothing like what you are expecting! Lisa is a total gun at structuring teams to be lean and highly effective


  • Want to know which apps can talk to each other and automate your business? We will share our favourites
  • Accounting in your business can be boring and expensive, we will show you to make it interesting and affordable
  • Plug ins can be a minefield, you don’t want too many that they cause conflict on your website. But you need some as the tools can literally double your sales. Let us guide you through this safely
  • We have fun tools to share with you to make your customer relationship stronger!
  • Automate your social proof and review getting and then repurpose it everywhere!


  • And last, but most importantly, we are going to deep dive on you
  • We are going to share why in online brands, its often the business owner who is holding back the success of the brand, and how you can get out of your own way
  • Why adrenal fatigue is real, and how the mummy juggle struggle is kind of fun for a little while, but it goes off quickly
  • We will explain exactly why you need to get off the mouse wheel and instead direct it, or your business will never grow.
  • We will show you how to build new boundaries with your business, and how you can set up your own criteria to ensure you never get scope creep again
  • We will also show you ways to work smarter and less hours, so that you can spend more time with your family
  • And (insert excited voice) we are going to show you why you must pay yourself first, every single week!

Checklists, templates, downloads and wireframes!


Don’t sweat pet! You can copy and use all our templates inside your own brand, our library of resources is growing each month!

We will share with you our favourite website wireframe built for a higher conversion rate! This includes homepage and product page. No more guessing!

Email Templates
Not sure what to include in your welcome series, abandoned cart or review requests? Follow along with our easy-to-use templates.

Track Your Numbers
We share our favourite forms to track your numbers, teaching you what to track and how often to measure improvements!

Social Media Ideas
A fantastic list of captions, call to action ideas, story ideas and conversation starters! Never stare at your phone again!

The Academy Logo with Lisa Jones

Best Value



With 3 months access of livecoaching support


Flexible Payment Plan



With 3 months access of livecoaching support


*Select Humm or Openpay at checkout,
requires a 20% deposit

Hey there!

I'm Lisa Jones

I’m a Multi-Awarded Entrepreneur and Business Strategist, living my best life in Sydney with my family.
I’ve started 7 companies over the last 13 years and built 2 of them into multi-million dollar ecommerce brands, both of which I sold.
I now spend my days coaching and mentoring other ecommerce mumprenuers with my unique and proven strategies to grow their brands.
I can’t wait to work with you!

Lisa x

Worried about finding the money for this program?

It’s ok, we get it. When you need help to scale your sales, chances are your bank account is low. Finding the cash for a program like this can be challenging!

That’s why we’ve partnered with Humm to bring you interest free repayment options over 6 or 12 months. This means you can get access to this world leading program today.

We call it ‘pay as you profit’!

You don’t need to have a Humm account already, simply follow the link when purchasing The Academy program. Our website will redirect you to their site to apply and be set up.

  • This is interest-free finance (we pay the interest) however you do need to pay an establishment fee of $35 and a monthly account fee of $8 whenever there is money owing to Humm.
  • A deposit of 20% is required at the time of purchase and will be processed by Humm on completion of the purchase.
  • Payments are fortnightly although once the purchase is completed you can phone Humm and make it weekly if you would prefer.

The Academy program teaches strategies I’ve personally used to scale 3 x online brands myself ($4m turnover, $2m turnover and just under $1m turnover). More than 100 clients have now successfully used these strategies inside their brands to sell more.

I know that you’ll also love this program and all its material. To make it an absolute no-brainer,

I’m also offering a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Work through the first two weeks of the program; watch the video modules, complete the workbook, and action steps. If you feel like we haven’t delivered on our promise of a world class ecommerce program, we will refund your money. Simple as that!

Fast forward to one year from today…


Living in the grind, exhausted by the enormous mission of tasks in front of you each day, guessing the strategies or, even worse, becoming overwhelmed with the volume of “free” information out there. Feeling like you don’t know who to trust and knowing that your products are amazing.

Drowning in frustration because you know your website isn’t optimised but feeling like you don’t know how to fix it. Stuck not paying yourself a wage, and never having enough money to invest in the marketing you know you need.


Trusting yourself, committing to taking bold action, and using the next 12 weeks to build your business to a stronger, more robust sales machine. A year from today, you can be celebrating your successes by clinking glasses with a bestie as you watch orders flow in your door 24/7.

  • Your website will look a million bucks, be optimised for a high conversion rate, and sales will come in consistently
  • Your emails will be set up and sparkly, and you will never be unsure of what to send. You can even get an affordable but fantastic copywriter to help you (we have one you can use 😉 ).
  • Your customers will love you and buy anything you sell them, because they fell in love with you and your brand
  • You will be paying yourself a wage every single week without fail
  • You have a fantastic team around you that you can afford. A team to manage the repetitive parts of the business, leaving you focussed on driving more sales growth
  • You have the best available software out there, all hooked up to talk to each other, so your machine is a well-oiled sales and processing unit
  • You have at least 5 x amazing cold traffic marketing strategies in place, and only one of them costs you cash up front!
  • Most importantly, you stop stressing about finding your next sale and start enjoying the ride.
The Academy Logo with Lisa Jones

Best Value



With 3 months access of livecoaching support


Flexible Payment Plan



With 3 months access of livecoaching support


*Select Humm or Openpay at checkout,
requires a 20% deposit

Worried you won’t have enough time to do this program?

We hear this all the time – you might have a part or even full time job, perhaps you are a mumma as well as trying to build your online brand.

Perhaps your commitments will stop you from joining our calls each week, and therefore you are worried about getting value for money from the program?

Let us put your worries at ease. Even if you can’t make the live calls every week, you can ask all your questions of the mentors inside the FB group by submitting questions any day of the week for answers.

And you can also submit questions in advance of the live calls and watch the replay that night to get your answers.

We also have an extremely valuable manual of information to glean information from, along with a video library unsurpassed by any other e-commerce coaches in the world, built just for women like you.

So with a combination of even just 2 or 3 of the above resources, you will get so much value out of this program.
Put it all together and it’s a knockout program!

What results should I expect for my business inside this 12 week program?

Typically, most of our participants will repay their membership joining fee within 4 weeks of joining the program.

Within the 12 weeks of the program, you could expect to double or triple your current website sales and double your website conversion rate. You should also expect to have at least 5 different marketing strategies working for you to drive new traffic in, and a whole new strategy of how to wow customers for great reviews and to keep them coming back.

Your website should be robust and optimized, and your email marketing should be 10/10. You’ll also be savvy at a bunch of digital marketing strategies that will help you to continue powering through sales growth for years, or to use in any other brands you might start.

With our help, you may even be selling your products in other countries around the world (we have partners ready for you to sell within the USA and Australia)!

Even if you have been building your brand for years, and have revenues of $20k or even $50k a month, we will help you repair your leaky boat so it’s rock solid, and introduce you to new marketing strategies I promise you will not be currently using.

We will point out though -results are not guaranteed in any way, because you are in the driving seat of your business, and we cannot control whether you actually implement everything we teach.

So if you are a bit on the lazy side and uninspired to succeed, this is probably not the program for you.

It’s designed to lift up women who want the strategies to really grow their brands and are prepared to do the hard work to achieve this.

I’m spending a fortune already on other agencies to RUN marketing and paid ads and emails…. Why would I need your program?

This is one of our favourite topics – saving you money! You don’t need expensive agencies to do your emails or your marketing campaigns. Typically we will save you thousands of dollars a year with our strategies, and instead of sending you to agencies charging thousands to do your work, we will hook you up with our own support teams who will charge you hundreds instead to do the same work.

Lisa had to operate a lean business model building Ecoriginals (very low margin product), and had a chance to gather around her freelancers all over the world who are exceptional at what they do, and we want to hook you up with them too – but you have to be inside The Academy to be introduced to them!!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A 12-week program that covers 9 modules of content designed specifically to help your e-commerce brand to grow your sales and build a solid foundation for success. We focus heavily on website optimization and increasing your conversion, along with driving traffic to your website.
  • Live group coaching calls three times weekly (10am Sydney time every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday throughout your 12 weeks inside the program) where Lisa and the coaching team will break down e-commerce strategies and teach them to you for easy implementation into your business.
  • 160 page written E-com Bible as the manual for this program. Print it and keep it handy forever! This manual takes you through e-com topics step by step, with written exercises to support you to develop your copywriting for your brand and grow your sales!
  • Access to 6 Expert Mentors in the program, including Lisa, along with experts in copywriting, Klaviyo, Shopify, Facebook Ads, Manychat, graphic design and branding, wholesale sales growth. These mentors are live in the FB group answering your questions to keep you unstuck, along with presenting expert topics.
  • Our video library with short, sharp videos to teach you about ALL areas in e-commerce that you will need to scale your sales.
    Workbooks, templates, check lists and spreadsheets that help you to track different aspects of your business and build a more solid, systemised and profitable business.
  • Access to our connections in e-com – this is low cost, affordable and expert support services. Think website developers for $15 USD per hour, along with a host of other experts!
  • Connect with the community of Academy students to share wins, collaborate on business ideas, and get feedback on your work.

We know that some weeks you might have a life interruption, so we will always upload the video for you to watch within 24 hours of the live call. That way you can play it back at a time that suits you!!

That’s up to you, and remember you get out of it what you put in, but we suggest around 45 minutes each week to watch our video program, and then to participate in both the calls each week another 2 x 60 minutes. You can do extra time on implementing the things we teach but the minimum is around 2.5 hours each week. However please note that the strategies we teach inside this program are designed to help you save time every week in your business.

Yes absolutely you can! We don’t believe in big ad budgets in the early days of growing an e-com brand. We will be focussing on teaching you organic client attraction, improving your website conversion, how to focus on lean, innovative and collaborative marketing strategies. However if you want to start in ads, we will teach you some basics inside this course.

The Academy Logo with Lisa Jones

Best Value



With 3 months access of livecoaching support


Flexible Payment Plan



With 3 months access of livecoaching support


*Select Humm or Openpay at checkout,
requires a 20% deposit

The Academy program teaches strategies I’ve personally used to scale 3 x online brands myself ($4m turnover, $2m turnover and just under $1m turnover). More than 100 clients have now successfully used these strategies inside their brands to sell more.

I know that you’ll also love this program and all its material. To make it an absolute no-brainer,

I’m also offering a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Work through the first two weeks of the program; watch the video modules, complete the workbook, and action steps. If you feel like we haven’t delivered on our promise of a world class ecommerce program, we will refund your money. Simple as that!